Cabo Fishing

Fishing is one of the main reasons that many people come to Cabo San Lucas, and have for decades. Where the Sea of Cortez unites with the Pacific Ocean (known as “Land’s End”) is a unique ecosystem of approximately 800 species of marine creatures. The abundance of fish and other sea life are what put Cabo San Lucas on the travel map long ago, and it is what keeps people coming back time and again today.

The number of fish caught in Cabo San Lucas, as well as the staggering variety available for catching, attracts sport fishermen from all walks of life and level of fishing experience. Known as the “Marlin Capital”, there is more of this type of fish caught in Cabo San Lucas than anywhere else in the world. With a large selection of tournament class fishing charters, you will find your fishing experience in Cabo San Lucas unlike any other you’ve had before!

Going on a fishing excursion in Cabo San Lucas provides you with the opportunity to catch fish both large and small, and is no longer a sport for the wealthy and elite. It has become far more affordable in recent decades, so almost anyone can (and should) experience a fishing trip, as well as have the unique opportunity to view Cabo San Lucas and its landmarks, and the stunning views of the marine life swimming all over the sea, including whales and dolphins.

For fishing excursions, remember sunscreen, sunglasses, and maybe even a hat, in order to prevent getting sunburned. You should also pack some food for lunch (unless the charter operator provides food), and don’t forget your camera! In addition, bringing a cooler is a smart idea if you want to take home some of your catches.

On your outing, you will need bait, which costs around $2.00 from one of the many bait suppliers. If you are chartering a boat for an 8-hour day trip, you should shop around at different operators to get the best rates and extras for your day. Most rates will include licenses, permits, a crew, and some ice for your catches. All boats should include a selection of lures on board, and some will furnish refreshments, and will even clean and freeze your fish for you.

Taking a fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas is one experience that should not be missed. The sights and the smells of the ocean will provide a lifetime of memories. And if you bring your catch home, you will be able to extend the enjoyment of your fishing excursion to your dinner table, and regale friends with stories of your fishing adventures!