Cabo Land Excursions

Cabo San Lucas is home to a rich history filled with amazing architecture and amazing things to see. There are numerous missions over a century old, some of them still active today. These areas are some of the most heavily visited by tourists hoping to experience the culture and feeling of Cabo.

Land tours have also become increasingly popular. There are many tours available with various options in each tour. You might choose to go sightseeing in a luxury Hummer, or take a bicycle or walking tour. Depending on your interest, you will head to the desert, the beach, or one of the many missions in the area.

Another popular option is horseback riding. You can spend time in the desert or at the beach riding horses in the beautiful Cabo San Lucas weather. The experience is not only exhilarating. It is also incredibly enjoyable.

Hiking in the mountains and the desert are popular activities that are bound to catch a lot of attention. Often, people will choose all day excursions and view the sights in a Hummer, go do some shopping, and hike through the area to visit some of the missions that are farther out.

Cabo is filled with fun and exciting things to do for the whole family. This is just a small list of things that can be done during your vacation. You should check out all that Cabo has to offer in order to plan the perfect trip for you.