Cabo San Lucas Cruise Ship Questions

Where will we be docking?

Cruise ships visiting Cabo San Lucas do not dock at a speficic port. The cruise ships anchor off shore and guests are ferried in by tender boats to the Cabo San Lucas Marina. While the marina is very big it was not designed to accomodate cruise ships.

Will I be able to get to my tour from the Marina?

Most of our activities depart directly from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. The marina itself is quite expansive and contains a shopping mall, movie theater, hotel and several restaurants, as well as tourist shops. The Marina is a a very active area and most visitors won't stray far. To walk from one end of the Marina to the other will take about 15 - 20 minutes. Some tours will pick up just outside the tender area.

Where can I find a taxi?

Taxi's are available right outside the marina and are very convenient. If you need to take a taxi just look for one of the many white, blue, red or green 9 person minivans that are parked in any of the taxi stations along the Marina Blvd. The avergage rates will run you around $6 - $15 depending on where you're going.

Always agree on a rate before you leave for your destination.

My cruise ship is not arriving on time, what should I do?

Although it is rare, this does happen from time to time. If your cruise ship is late, we will try to accommodate you as best we can. Contact us using the information on your final confirmation, so we can try to adjust your reservation to fit your schedule. If it is not possible and you end up missing your activity, you will not be penalized for missing the excursion.

How long will it take to exit my cruise ship?

This will vary depending on which cruise line you'll be arriving on. A good rule of thumb is 45 minutes to an hour. We recommend that you're waiting to disembark as early as possible. Every visitor will have to go through a security screening before exiting the cruise ship as well as tendering to the Marina. This can delay your exit. Please take this into account when planning your activities.