Cabo San Lucas Restaurants

A fundamental part of any vacation experience is the food. Authentic and delicious cuisine can add to the experience of your destination, and leave lasting memories just as powerful as any sight or sound. There is something for every taste and appetite in Cabo San Lucas; excellent eateries that serve all types of cuisine that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your senses.

There are a wide variety of cafes and restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, and there is something to fit every budget. Most of the eateries have informal and relaxed moods, with outdoor seating so that you can take in the sea air and enjoy the sights of Cabo San Lucas with your meal and margarita.

If you are looking for authentic Mexican cuisine, there is no better place to be than Cabo San Lucas. Some of the best Mexican fare will come from the smaller, less glamorous eateries, and at lower prices, too! Try little places like Antojitos Dona Lolita or El Michoacano for authentic carnitas and other traditional Mexican cuisine.

Some of the most stunning visuals will come from the décor of the high-end restaurants in Cabo San Lucas. Adorned with traditional Mexican art and decorations, you will be just as mesmerized by the scenery as you are with the incredible food. Though higher in price, restaurants such as Sancho Panza and Mi Casa feature some of the most sumptuous Mexican cuisine around.

Cabo San Lucas does not only feature excellent Mexican food, but there are restaurants that specialize in just about any type of cuisine that you would want. For delicious seafood dishes, try Mocambo’s; for excellent Italian fare, check out La Dolce; if taking in all that sea spray has you craving sushi, head over to Nick-San; and if you are an early riser, go for a homestyle breakfast with a Mexican twist at Mama’s Royale Café.

All of that outstanding food will undoubtedly have you primed for evenings filled with fun. Cabo Sam Lucas has one of the most energetic party scenes anywhere, and not just at Spring Break time.

In order to enjoy the lively night scene in Cabo San Lucas, you should concentrate on the Blvd Marina, where most of the bars and clubs in Cabo San Lucas are concentrated. On this neon-lined street, the endless margaritas and vibrant music make for a raucous street party setting.

There are so many bars and clubs in Cabo San Lucas to visit and enjoy. Some of the most famous (and popular) bars include:

  • El Squid Roe, a three story dance club, bar, and restaurant where the waiters carry around spray tanks of tequila. It’s a world-famous place that is a must see on any trip to Cabo San Lucas.
  • Cabo Wabo Cantina, co-owned by rocker Sammy Hagar, who offers the occasional live performance, famous for its own Cabo Wabo Tequila. It’s also a restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Panchos, a lively authentic Mexican eatery and bar that boasts the world’s largest collection of tequilas.
  • Billygan’s, a reasonably priced bar and eatery that is known for its people-watching and relaxed, fun atmosphere.

When you come to Cabo San Lucas, bring your most loose-fitting pants, because you will without a doubt spend a lot of your time sampling the incredible food and drink that the city has to offer!