Horseback Beach Ride

Horseback Beach Ride

Many people dream of riding a horse, but few ever get the opportunity to actually get on a horse to experience what it is like to ride one. With our Cabo San Lucas Horseback Beach Ride, people who are completely new or relatively new to horseback riding will get the chance to go on an easy but unforgettable horseback ride through the scenic back roads of Cabo San Lucas and out to one of Cabo’s gorgeous, gold sand beaches.

Our Cabo Horseback Riding tours have expertly trained horses and tour guides who will get you up on a horse and riding in no time! Our horseback riding tour guides are extremely professional, well-trained, and eager to show you how much fun horseback riding in Cabo San Lucas can be! Our team has years and years of experience training people in horseback riding, so even someone that has never even come close to a horse before is able to experience the horseback ride.

The Horseback Beach Ride takes you through the scenic back roads of Cabo San Lucas heading towards the sea. The ride continues on along the coast, offering you breathtaking sites both at sea and on land. The joy of riding a horse is something that is not easy to describe in words. It is both thrilling and completely relaxing. You feel at one with this massive creature, and you get to take in vistas from a nice vantage point of being on top of this large animal. The Beach Ride is for novices and beginners and features a smooth and relaxing horseback ride.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of and understand all restrictions pertaining to this tour before booking online or over the phone. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically qualified and within any limits listed below in order to participate in this activity. No refunds will be given to those who reserve a spot and can not participate due to the restrictions listed below. For more information please read our cancellation policy and terms and conditions page or call our staff with any questions regarding your ability to participate.


  • Price does not include a $15 per person park entrance fee, which will be colllected at check-in
  • All participants must be at least 7 years of age